Winooski School District

Fair, and 16 °F | Jan 18th: Green Day

Savage/Clarks English

Today’s WMHS GX Champ…
Nominated by MS. Savage and Mr. Clark
For the Communication GX
In the dimension of Presentation Skills
Is…Ms. Savage and Mr Clarks Green Day Block 2 English

Forty students from CVU joined with Mr. Clark’s and Ms. Savage’s English classes on Monday February 15th . They had read about journeys in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey. Then, Winooski students—from Nepal, Africa, Iraq, and Thailand—told their personal stories about leaving their countries and journeying to America. The morning ended with cultural food, sweets, and lots more conversation. The CVU students marveled at our diversity and the Winooski students had a chance to talk with students they would not ordinarily meet. It was a positive GX event and a great experience for all involved!