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“Screenagers” A documentary about growing up in the digital age

Come join us for an exciting event for families, students and the larger Burlington community:

the award-winning film SCREENAGERS will be shown at the Burlington High School Auditorium on Wednesday, February 15th at 5:30pm. It is free and open to all.

This film is being shown around the country and sparking some great conversation among communities ( It is a topic that touches so many of us — let’s learn about ways for children and families in Burlington to achieve a healthier balance with their use of technology. Please share broadly: Facebook event page.

Next Wednesday’s viewing is free and open for anyone who is interested. The film is just over an hour — there will be a brief introduction and wrap up after the film. We will not ask people to stay for discussion after the film as it is a weekday evening. However, the plan is to offer a panel and lively Q & A at a later date for those people who want to delve deeper.

The film will also be available in the future for subsequent showings for focused audiences, as well as individual schools to show to their student body as part of their broader curriculum. I am happy to talk about this with anyone who is interested in hosting a viewing. Please contact Kate Larson ( for more information.

Thank you and hope to see you next Wednesday!
Kate Larson