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SIM and Physical Activity for Students

“Sensei” Dave Quinlan, our Spartans in Motion guru, recently wrote an article on his blog titled, “Physical Activity for All Children: Growing Up as a Decathlete.”

In this article, he talks about the importance of physical activity and learning. He writes, “Our education leaders have recognized that not only do our schools have an obligation to promote wellness, but also that it has a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn. We provide students with breakfast and lunch, not only for their overall nutritional health, but also because it supports their brain function. With everything we now know about the value of exercise, our schools should also provide daily moderate to vigorous physical activity for all school children.”

We are very proud of our Spartans in Motion program and the activity that our middle grades students get during school. In fact, the YMCA recently chose footage of Winooski students participating in SIM as models for their recent PSA. The PSA is intended to encourage children to “get out and move” as a part of the “Eat Well Play More” initiative.