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Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Procedure: Winooski School District Special Education ““ Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) Parents have a right to obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at the cost of the school district when the parent(s)/guardian disagree with the evaluation previously completed by the school district. An IEE may not be used to supplement or evaluate additional areas of concern regarding a student’s performance. In order for parents or guardians to be reimbursed by the school district for the cost of an IEE or for the school to pay directly for an IEE, the IEE must comply with the procedure below:

  1. The parent must request an Independent Educational Evaluation:
    – In order to request an IEE, the parent/guardian must first express disagreement with the evaluation completed by the school district within the last calendar year. They must then request an IEE by contacting the Local Education Agency (LEA). It is preferred that this disagreement and request is placed in writing and given to the Director of Support Services. The district may inquire as to the reason for the disagreement but the parent/guardian is not required to provide a reason. This will not create an unnecessary delay in the IEE. The parent has a right to only a single IEE regarding the special education evaluation with which they disagree.
  2. The Director of Support Services will respond to IEE request:
    – The Director of Support Services will review the request for an IEE and approve the request or file for a due process hearing without unnecessary delay to refute the need for an IEE. The determination regarding the request for the IEE will be made in writing to the parent no later than 30 calendar days after the request.
  3. Location:
    – All evaluations shall be conducted within the State of Vermont within a 75-mile radius of Winooski School District. Under special circumstances (i.e. a situation where a unique evaluation is necessary that is not available within the IEE location requirements) evaluations may be sought outside of the 75-mile radius and must be approved in writing by the Superintendent. The 75 mile radius maybe extended at the discretion of the superintendent should no qualified individuals be available within that radius.
  4. The qualifications of the evaluator must be consistent with the requirements determined by the Evaluation Planning Team regarding the evaluation, which is in dispute.
    Evaluators must: 

    • Have training and specific expertise in the particular area for which information is sought and meet applicable state licensing requirements for the specific evaluation being conducted.
    • Be trained in administering the evaluation procedures and in scoring and interpreting results as required by the producer of the evaluation procedure.
    • Comply with the requirement for evaluators found in the rules and regulations of the state of Vermont regarding Special Education.
    • Meet the background check requirements as required by contractors who will be unsupervised with students under Vermont state law.
  5. The scope of the IEE will not go above or beyond the scope of the evaluation that is being disputed.
    – Where observation is required of the student in the classroom, the principal or designee shall contact the independent evaluator to make arrangements necessary for the observation.
  6. Reports:
    – Evaluators must make available, upon request, protocols and other underlying raw data on which their evaluations are based. Reports shall not make determinations regarding eligibility for special education or extended school year services. Reports shall not make determinations regarding placement.