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Tabarik Abdulsalam

Today’s WMHS GX Champ…
Nominated by Andrea Wheeland
For the Communication GX
In the dimension of Speech: Content
Is… Tabarik Abdulsalam

Tabarik recently shared with the class the speech she has prepared for JanPo. She has taken on an important topic with a strong sense of compassion and conviction. If you have the privilege of being in Tabarik’s speech group this week, be prepared to be moved to tears as she shares her plan to help ease the transition of a refugee family to Vermont and educate all of us on the refugee experience. Team Nexus is so proud of Tabarik!

Congratulation Tabarik! There is a lot of focused work on GX skills happening throughout the school today and tomorrow in preparation for JanPo, when we will all be celebrating growth toward championing the GXs! Have a great week!