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Victoria White

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Victoria White
Nominated by Cathy Mander-Adams
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Reflection, Evaluation, Revision

Victoria is in Piano Class 2 and is using her Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills by applying previously learned skills and knowledge to new and much more challenging pieces of music. Rhythms, in more advanced music, can be very complicated and students need to analyze what they already know and can do and apply that knowledge to new rhythm patters.

Victoria has reached way beyond her comfort level. Through her dedication to learning and her desire to put her previously learned piano skills to better use she will accomplish this mission and perform Fur Elise for the community and peers at the Spring Into The Arts Celebration Student Performances on Monday, May 18 at the Kick-Off Celebration at the O’Brien Center.

Congratulations Victoria along with Madey! And to all middle high school students, keep championing these important skills!