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Vonae McRay-Thibou

Today’s WMHS GX Champ…
Nominated by Dave McNally
For the Critical Thinking GX
In the dimension of Investigation
Is… Vonae McRay-Thibou

I am honored to nominate Vonae for GX champ in the CTPS dimension of Investigation. During JanPo week, I had the opportunity to listen to Vonae’s iLab project on Women Inventors. Vonae enlighten us on the lesser known history and contributions of several women inventors, but she also explained how she learned about the US Patent system and used their database to authenticate patents attributed to women. Her detective work, probing questions, and application of the patent database demonstrate skills above and beyond in the dimension of Investigation. What an amazing job Vonae!

Congratulations Vonae!
With your selection, we are ready to recognize students in the second semester who are working hard to strengthen their skills and show growth in our GXs!