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Welcome To A Great School Year!

Dear JFK Families,

Welcome to a great school year! Over the summer the school was busy with summer school, cleaning and moving classrooms, and professional learning for the staff. We are all ready for an exciting year filled with learning and fun!

There will be some changes for this year.

  • Families and Students coming into JFK will enter through the main lobby this year. The doors on the JFK side will be an exit only.
    • Mrs. Casier will not open the JFK door from her desk for people to enter.
    • Tardy slips will be given out starting at 8:05 as you enter JFK through the main lobby by the Health Office.
    • Students that arrive after 8:30am must enter through the main lobby and come to the JFK office for a late slip.
    • All adults entering the JFK side during the school day must sign in with Cathy Bray in the main lobby.
    • If you need to pick up your student(s) before 2:30 you must enter through the main lobby, check in, and come to the JFK office.
    • When possible, please call ahead or send a note and your student will meet you at the designated time in the main lobby.
    • If you need to pick up your student for an early dismissal after 2:30, you enter the main lobby. There will be a staff member by the health office who will call for your student to come and meet you in the main lobby.
    • Please remember that our students are learning until 3pm every day and picking up students before 3pm is a disruption for the entire classroom. It is vital that early dismissals are only used for appointments and not as a family convenience.
    • Dismissal remains the same. All students will be escorted out by their teacher. Kindergarten students will go to the main lobby and 1st-5th graders will meet outside in front of the J.F.K. office.
    • If it is cold or raining, adults are welcome to wait in the main lobby. The JFK door will not be opened to let adults in at dismissal.
  • Supervision for students will not start until 7:45. Please DO NOT drop off students before 7:45.
  • School starts at 8:00. Students that arrive after 8:05 are considered tardy.
  • Dismissal is at 3:00. If you have to pick up your student(s) before 3:00 it must be for a valid reason, such as a doctor appointment.
  • If your student(s) is frequently tardy, absent or picked up early, you will receive a letter at 5 and 10 days. At 15 days we will require a family meeting. At 20 days, information gets forwarded to the State’s Attorney.
  • Every classroom will start their day with breakfast and morning meeting. Part of morning meeting each day is sharing. Students may not bring in objects, such as toys, to share. Instead, we want our students to share stories, experiences, news, and announcements. If your student(s) would like to share a picture of an experience, please email the picture or bring it to the classroom teacher.

The JFK community is very excited to welcome students for the first time and to welcome back familiar faces. We all want to have positive relationships with our students and their families. Please feel free to stop by the front office to say hello!

Sara Raabe

JFK Principal


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